About Irish Lit Guide; or, Our Mission Statement


Since the eighteenth century, students of English literature have been struck by Ireland’s influence on the subject. The small country produced both talented and prolific writers, but, rather unfortunately, many American English departments fail to adequately acknowledge the Irish contribution. That dearth of education is the genesis of this website.


We want to make Irish literature accessible for everyone, and this site will set out to increase that accessibility. Profiles will comprise the base of our Irish Literature Guide. We aim to profile as many Irish writers and literary-types as possible, from the titanic voice of James Joyce to the concise but politicized Edmund Burke. From there, we’ll detail important moments and movements in Irish literary history; finally, we will move into the realm of conjecture, providing literary criticism, theory, and review, ultimately attempting to better understand Irish literature’s place in the literary canon. We hope this guide will address the reasons you’ve landed on this page—a last-minute study session, a presentation review, or pure curiosity.

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