Literary Publishers in Ireland


Whether you’re looking to publish your own work or on the hunt for the next big name in Irish literature, you’ll need to start somewhere. Below is a list of active literary publishers in Ireland.  


Fornas na Gaeilge 

Blackhall Publishing 

Blackstaff Press 

Brandon/Mount Eagle Publications 

Church of Ireland Publishing 


Cois Life 

Cork University Press 

D.I.A.S. School of Celtic Studies 

Flyleaf Press 

Georgina Campbell Guides 

Gill & Macmillan  

Government Publications 

Institute of Public Administration 

Irish Academic Press 

Liberties Press 

Lilliput Press 

Maverick House 

Mentor Books 

Mercier Press  

National Gallery 

New Island 

Penguin Ireland 

Royal Irish Academy 

Salmon Publishing 

The Columba Press 

The Educational Company of Ireland 

The Gallery Press 

The Liffey Press Ltd 

The O’Brien Press Ltd 

The Woodfield Press 



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