Writer Profile: Sally Rooney


Dates: b. 1991

Literary Movement: Millennial Literary Writer

Famous Works: “A Conversation With Friends” and “Normal People”

Profile: Sally Rooney is an Irish author born on February 20, 1991. Her career began with an essay in 2015 called “Even If You Beat Me”. In the essay, she describes herself as the number one debater in Europe. After her essay appeared in print, the Wylie Agency asked her to submit fiction. She did and received bids from seven publishers on the fiction book.

She is a Marxist that likes to write about social issues. Her first novel published in 2017 was “A Conversation With Friends”. She openly has criticized the poet Yeats and caused controversy with her comments. She says she believes you can get away with putting your opinions in a novel. The first book she wrote had a yellow cover with the artist Alex Katz painting two women.

The second novel called “Normal People” was nominated for an award and is a romantic comedy and tragedy. In 2009, she attended Trinty College in Dublin and met a class of people who she believed run the country. In college, she met her partner John Prasifka and wrote a thesis “Captain America”.

She writes about her anxiety about capitalism and the wealthy who throw lavish parties and have cushy jobs. Sally Rooney writes about moral issues in an era where there are few guidelines. The BBC made her second book into a 12 episode series. Her work has been categorized as literary and chick-lit.

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